An exceptional beverage requires a bottle up to its standard. The original design of its bottle enhances the nectar that it contains and its silkscreen printing in 24K gold emphasizes its value even more. On the glass surface, elegant bubbles run in an embossed design, thus recalling the grains of caviar and the effervescence of the beverage.
Coming straight out of Haute-Normandie, each bottle is the fruit of the patient work of the greatest master glass-makers of the emblematic Vallée of Bresle. These famous creators are the worthy heirs of a tradition of artisans which is traced back to the fifteenth century. Their workshops are still considered today a major location of luxury glasswork.


It is a work of art by itself: this case gathers the sumptuous texture of pearled leather with the nobility of wood and the strength of metal.
Fruit of the savoir-faire of the finest French artisans, the chest is meticulously produced in their workshops where the tradition of excellence in luxury cases is carried on.
It is extremely rare: few cases are produced every year for the entire world. They are unique, numbered, customized pieces, reflecting your lifestyle. These prestigious chests enclose an invaluable treasure: nine bottles of Luvienz®.
Luvienz® is also available in a beautiful individual wooden packaging for all gourmets of the world.