There’s artisanal, and then there’s alchemy.
There’s aroma, and then there’s art.
There’s luxury and then there’s Luvienz.


True affinities often remain hidden, an undiscovered, untapped secret for centuries. And yet once revealed, we wonder how we could have ever done without them.

The marriage of the most renowned French sparkling wine in the world, the beverage of the Kings and Caviar, is one of these divine pairings. Imagined by G&Lee, Luvienz® began as a persistent dream, an unappeasable obsession, a recurring fantasy: to combine the two most prestigious symbols of Gastronomy in one exceptional beverage.

Luvienz Caviar Edition is crafted on resquest by our gifted artisans. Each bottle contains an exquisitely refined drink, unique in the world, combining two of the most luxurious ingredients, Caviar and the finest French sparkling wine, carefully blended following a secret, strictly controlled process.